Want to organize your workplace but unsure where to start? The Northeast Ohio IWW is here to help you learn how! All workers deserve a union and have the human right to form one. Organizing is tough but rewarding work that anyone can learn to do–no special degrees or skill sets required.

Where Do I Start?
A sensible first step to building a union at your job is to contact the IWW Organizing Department Board. The Fellow Workers at the ODB are trained to help workers with first steps like getting plugged into the wider Union, helping register for organizer trainings, and linking up with their local branch. It’s important that the ODB has record of your efforts from the start to best link you with valuable resources and be ready to help your organizing campaign as it grows.

You can also reach out directly to the Northeast Ohio IWW. Our branch administration will link you up with the ODB and our local organizing team to help you get started!

How Do I Learn to Organize?
The IWW recommends that all members take the Organizing Training 101 (OT-101 for short). This training is usually held over a couple of days and is chock full of hard-won insight, experience, advice, and skill workshops. While you’re encouraged to take the training solo, it’s even more effective if you take it alongside other workers in your shop. Our branch administration is more than happy to help you find or schedule a training! You can also reach out directly to the IWW Organizer Training Committee for a schedule of upcoming OT-101s.

Reading materials to get you started:
One Big Union
Think It Over
Punching Out

Contact the Northeast Ohio IWW now: