Image from Gene J. Puskar/AP

Northeast Ohio Protestors Demand Justice for East Palestine

Now often called Ohio’s Chernobyl, East Palestine previously led a quiet existence. But the town of 4,800 was thrown into disarray, and then despair, by February 3’s 150-railcar “mega-train” derailment. This industrial catastrophe doused the surrounding area with extremely hazardous chemicals. 20 railcars contained deadly compounds, including one million pounds of vinyl chloride.

The Importance of Community in Building a Strong Union

Community is a vital component in building a strong union. It not only provides a sense of belonging and support, but it also offers numerous opportunities for networking, collective action, and advocacy. In this article, we explore the importance of community in union building and highlight the work of F.W. Ed Mann, a union organizer from the 1970s who emphasized the power of community in effecting change. By working together towards common goals and engaging in collective bargaining, strikes, and other forms of protest, unions are able to create meaningful change in the workplace. Learn more about the work of F.W. Ed Mann and the importance of community in union building by checking out our recommended article