Northeast Ohio IWW Film Event: Shout Youngstown!

Northeast Ohio IWW Film Event: Shout Youngstown!

With Special Guests Alice & Staughton Lynd

Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown

Sunday, October 2, 7:00-9:00 PM

ATTN: Workers of Northeast Ohio! 

Come join the Northeast Ohio Industrial Workers of the World for a film event and discussion unlike any other–featuring the inestimable radicals, Alice and Staughton Lynd! Our local union is proud to host a showing of Shout Youngstown, the remarkable documentary on the community fight to save Youngstown’s steel mills. 

Be a part of an evening of education and reflection on some of our area’s most dramatic labor history, as the Lynds walk us through their experiences and what modern working people can learn from our past. Join us for a night of working class education and solidarity!

Who are Alice and Staughton Lynd?

Photo from PM Press

Alice and Staughton are longtime working class activists who have been based in Northeast Ohio since the late 1970s. Staughton and Alice were instrumental in providing Youngstown steelworkers with legal aid, tactical advice, and fostering solidarity between local working people. They were prominent voices in the anti-war and civil rights movements, who have continued to struggle alongside working people for decades.

What’s Shout Youngstown!?

Shout Youngstown is a short documentary film depicting the fight to save Youngstown’s steel industry from corporate greed. It features interviews with numerous figures instrumental in the fight. This film shows the struggle to save the mills, but vitally the solidarity between Youngstown workers, families, and advocates in the face of overwhelming corporate and government opposition.

The film’s name comes from a song by unionist Joe Jencks, “I Will Shout Youngstown.” The first verse goes:

What can I tell you

Tell me what can I say

All the mills standing silent

All the jobs gone away

Now the storefronts are empty

As I walk up and down

But everywhere I go

I will

Shout Youngstown
Shout Youngstown!

What you can expect:

Good times, a rare local film, laughter and tears, an atmosphere of solidarity, singing union songs, and lessons from our history you can’t afford to miss!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown

Sunday, October 2, 7:00-9:00 PM

1105 Elm St.

Youngstown, OH 44505

Doors open 6:45 PM