It’s Dangerous to Protest Alone: Take NLG!

Seeing that the Akron Police Department continues to escalate tensions and unrest in the local community, working people here need to organize more than any time in living memory. APD are meeting members of the community with illegal hostility and senseless violence for exercising their rights to collectively grieve and protest. 

The Northeast Ohio IWW recommends all its Fellow Workers and organizers at protest actions avail themselves of the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers. Working people must organize in the face of growing violence from a rapidly decaying state. This also requires protecting ourselves and each other from the brutality of this filthy, rotten system.

Take all safety precautions and proper preparation before any direct action. Be familiar with your rights as a protestor, and look over the Know Your Rights booklet or the Know Your Rights webpage for up to date information from the National Lawyers Guild and the National Police Accountability Project. 

If you are organizing an action, follow the National Lawyers Guild’s tips below to request legal observers who can document police misconduct during demonstrations, rallies, protests, and political actions. These tools are meant to help all working people uniting against oppression and brutality stay safer as well as address any further illegal actions whether here and now by Akron police or anywhere in Northeast Ohio. 

We stand in solidarity with the loved ones of Jayland Walker and demand justice by any means necessary.

Please, share this important resource freely and widely!

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